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Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Analog Joystick for Your iPad

Aside from surfing the internet or checking our email, one activity most of us do a lot on the iPad is playing games (gosh, don't get me started on Angry Birds). While using our fingers is fun and intuitive, don't you sometimes feel that they get in the way of your visual field? Or perhaps the iPad isn't picking up your finger movements precisely enough (same reason you still can't beat that level)? Or maybe you feel like you're missing something, like your beloved analog joystick,

reminiscent of those old consoles you used to play with.

Then check out Fling, a patent pending iPad joystick made by Ten One Design, the same company that made the first stylus for Apple's iPhone and iPad. It won Macworld's Best of Show award in 2011, and works with any game that includes an onscreen joystick. All you have to do is attach it onto your iPad via suction cup and start playing! Don't worry about the device restricting your view because it's transparent design is hardly noticeable when your iPad screen is on!

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Anonymous said...

This takes gaming on the ipad to a whole new level.

Can you post more ipad gadgets? Thanks.

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