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Monday, May 23, 2011

Ashton Kutcher Launches Twitter Client

Anybody following Ashton Kutcher on Twitter knows he's one avid user. With more than 6.8 million followers under his belt and about 7,000 tweets later, he's launching his very own Twitter client, A+. Developed by Ubermedia, the same creator of Echofon and Twidroid, A+ is specially designed for heavy Twitter users. In addition to features you'd normally expect from a desktop client, such as automatic link shortening and multiple search windows,

Kutcher has also customized his client with projects, charities, people, and generally things he deems cool. You can switch between your timeline, replies, messages, and searches easily as well as pop out any column from your main feed for continuous monitoring.  And with A+, instead of seeing just links for shared media, the app's LivePreview window will allow you to see full web sites, pictures, and videos. 

For more details see here: aplus
Source: [thenextweb]

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