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Friday, May 6, 2011

Blooming Gold Edition iPad 2 by Petria Kwon

We've seen a few luxuriously modified Apple products on this blog so far, most notably the $38,000 Royal Wedding iPhones and the $8 Million Gold History Edition iPad2. They're pricey gadgets indeed, but we've got a (slightly) cheaper alternative to show off some serious bling! Looks amazing, doesn't it? The stunning iPad2 above is brought to you by Korean designer Petria Kwon and her team at Crystograph. They're already known for

creating the Ice Edition iPad and iPhone 4, but they've gone one step further this time and made the Blooming Gold Edition iPad2. The design is a dramatic composition of over 10,000 Swarovski crystals of various shades like Crystal, Silver Shade, Golden Shadow, Light Colorado Topaz, and Jet hermatite. There are customization options too, where you get to choose between 1.35mm, 1.80mm, and 2.1mm crystal sizes. This specific iPad is the 32GB Wifi model. It'll cost you $10,000. Still expensive, yes, but definitely more affordable than the devices mentioned above.

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